North Georgia Mountains between Helen, Hiawassee, Blairsville

Thank you for choosing Enota and helping to make a difference for future generations and preserving this land!

Thank you for your reservation at Enota Mountain Retreat. We look forward to making your stay with us a pleasant one.

We look forward to you visit and joining us in the beauty of nature that is Enota Mountain Retreat.

Please take time to review some general information and policy reminders.


  • Enota is a not-for-profit conservation educational membership facility and volunteer organization whose mission is to preserve this unique land and ensure that our guests do the same.

  • Through your support, rental fees, and donations, we continue to expand our programs, facilities and make a difference for all those who are part of Enota and for all future generations.

  • Any and all funds paid to Enota stay within Enota. These funds are used to improve guest accommodations, fund our animal sanctuary, and develop programs that enhance the Enota experience. No person at Enota receives a salary or is paid. Enota exists through the generous assistance of our volunteers and those guests that choose to help. Donations are certainly welcome (and are also tax deductible).


  • Since Enota is an environmentally conscious conservation facility, our mission is to preserve the land and to consume as few resources as possible. Our pricing reflects this mission.
  • People, pets, cars, tents, campers, and campfires result in additional wear and tear on the environment. Our pricing reflects the funds needed to keep our environment pristine and replenish those resources that we have consumed. Enota tries to minimize wear and tear on the land by limiting the amount of people, automobiles and sites that are part of this environment. Our base rates reflect the impact on the land and facilities that we can replenish.
  • Enota is an organic farm.  Please use extreme care not to have any chemicals or toxic substances come in contact with the soil.  


  • Having a campfire at Enota is a privilege, which can be a great hazard. In order to ensure the safety of all of our guests and the safety of Enota and our wildlife, we strictly monitor and regulate the campfires on our property.
  • Campfires must be contained within the fire rings provided at each site. Do not move fire rings.
  • Please do not bring in any outside firewood. Nice bundles are for sale at Enota for $5. Fire starters are also available.
  • Burn only wood! Do not burn trash, cans, plastic, Styrofoam, toxic material, bottles and other refuse.
  • Campfires must never be left unattended.
  • Do not collect firewood - We are a nature preserve and ask that you honor the woodland areas.


  • Base rates are the rates for each type of sites or accommodation. The base rate for camping allows 2 adults, 2 children, 1 vehicle, and 1 camping accommodation (tent, pop-up camper or RV) per site. For cabin accommodations we allow our stated number of people that the cabin can sleep and 1 automobile for every 4 people.
  • Additional fees apply in excess of the base rates. Each additional adult is $10 per day, child $5 per day, extra vehicle $5 per day, pets $5 camping, and $15 cabins.
  • Please let us know if your circumstances are different than our base rates. Visitors must register at the Lodge and pay applicable fees.


    • A $10 conservation fee is charged per site. Guests agree to honor all and do no harm. Guests agree to refrain from collecting samples of wild and plant life. TAKE ONLY PICTURES - LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS


  • At the time of reservation, we require 50% of estimated charges. We recommend using a credit card. No space will be reserved without receipt of the 50% deposit.
  • Eleven (11) days prior to arrival, the remaining 50% of estimated charges is due. Unless notified, we will post these charges automatically, using the same credit card information on file.
  • If the arrival date is within 11 days, the full amount due is required to secure the reservation.
  • Confirmations for deposits and payments are sent via email, unless otherwise noted.
  • While our returning guests often have special requests, we cannot guarantee site numbers. We will make every effort to be sure your stay with us is memorable. Actual sites may differ due to situational factors such as being taken out of service for electrical issues, etc.


  • We do not give refunds.
  • Please remember that by making a reservation you have secured your accommodation. Enota is not just holding that spot – it is yours for the entire period of your reservation.
  • If you give us some warning and change your plans at least 11 days prior to arrival you will receive an Enota credit (not a credit card refund) for a future stay for up to one year from the cancellation date.
  • Cancellations of 3 to 10 days prior to arrival result in forfeiture of the initial deposit (50%) but all remaining fees paid will be issued in a Enota credit (not a credit card refund) to be used for a future stay for up to one year from the cancellation date.
  • If you cancel less than 3 days before your arrival (including while you are at Enota) all monies received will be forfeited.
  • No credit is given due to inclement weather or early departure.


    • Check-in is after 4 pm for cabins and 2 pm for camping. Checkout is 11 am for everyone. Early Arrivals & Late Departures may be accommodated, based on space availability. There is an additional fee per hour ($5-cabin, $2-camping).
    • In order for Enota to secure hazard insurance, Firewood may not be brought onto Enota property. Firewood may be purchased in the Lodge (with permit; see campfire section).
    • Camp Store - We offer a variety of items to make your stay even more enjoyable. From ice to batteries to condiments to all the ingredients for Classic S’mores, count on us! Store hours are from 8am to 8pm daily.
    • Video Rentals –Our cabins are equipped with TV/VCR/DVDs. Over 800 videos & DVDs are available for rent in Enota’s Lodge - everything from classics to kids' favorites, we have something for everyone.
    • No Smoking in any buildings – This includes our cabins. Please respect this request. We will enforce it.
    • Pets - Pets are welcome and require an additional fee of $15 per day for cabins and $5 per day for camping sites. Please observe the normal courtesies: Keep pets off furniture, out of ponds, cleanup after them, keep them on a leash, do not leave unattended. Pets are not allowed in any of the public buildings or on our farm or garden.
    • Quiet hours - Please observe quiet hours between 10pm and 8am.
    • Fishing - Absolutely no fishing is permitted in streams throughout the property and no fishing in our trophy (upper) trout pond, as they are trout habitats. The fishing pond in front of the Lodge is available for catch-and-keep trout priced per pound..
    • Children - Parents must never leave children under the age of 14 unattended any where on the property, especially the animal refuge area and are responsible for their actions at all times.
    • Trampolines - Children under age 14 are permitted to use trampolines only when accompanied by a parent/adult who will provide supervision and accept all responsibility and accept all risks. Only one person at a time may use a trampoline. Acrobatics and shoes are not permitted on trampolines.
    • Wild Animals – Yes, we have bears on the property, as well as other wildlife. Keep in mind that WE are in THEIR home. Do not leave food in the woods or around your campsite. Tenters should leave food in their vehicles; never in or around their tents. If you encounter wildlife, please stay at least 50 feet away.
    • Valuables - Enota is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please secure your vehicles and valuables.
    • Swimming - Swimming/wading is allowed in designated creek areas only - not in ponds. This applies to dogs as well. No swimming is permitted after dusk. An adult must accompany children under the age of 14. No lifeguard is on duty: swim at your own risk.
    • Wilderness - Wilderness areas and outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. You may encounter wildlife, slippery rocks, mud and broken tree limbs. As a paying guest you assume all risks and responsibility for yourself and those with you. Enota is surrounded by the National Forest. As an Enota guest member, no one is to modify U.S. Forest Service property in any way without the proper permit from the U.S. Forest Service. This includes cutting or clearing any vegetation, trees, or tree limbs, blazing trails, building bridges, cleaning or modifying soil, gathering or cutting wood, changing the position of any rocks, or any other change not specifically mentioned. Please leave this public land as you found it and do not disturb or disrupt National Forest Service land.
    • Trash - Please bag and take all trash to our enclosed trash site. WE RECYCLE - bins are located next to the vending machines. Please clean up after yourself and leave the space you use in better shape than you found it. Please, if possible, take your trash with you. We have to truck it to the dump. Your cooperation would be much appreciated.
    • Washing - Please do not wash dishes or bodies in the stream. There is a sink located next to the men's room door at the Bathhouse and at the outdoor kitchen. A bathhouse is available for personal bathing.
    • Laundry Facilities - are available at the bathhouse.
    • Drugs & alcohol - We are a family facility. Illegal drugs are not permitted. We would prefer you did not drink alcohol. If you must drink alcohol, please do so responsibly and discreetly.
    • Traffic - Please drive slowly, 5 mph and keep your driving to a minimum. Park on the grass as little as possible and keep the roads clear for oversized vehicles.
    • Cabin Rentals
    • Please follow the posted Cabin Check-Out Procedure to avoid additional charges.
    • Linens/towels - One set of linens/towels is provided. Extras are available upon request ($5.00 per set).
    • Please turn out the lights when you leave and turn heat to low.
    • RV Sites
    • Designated 50 amp sites must use taller electrical box.
    • Be sure your electrical and waste lines are secured properly.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Enota Mountain Retreat
1000 Highway 180
Hiawassee, GA  30546
706-896-9966   800-990-8869

Your contributions help Enota protect over 60 acres held in Trust for conservation. Enota is a service-based, charitable, educational, non-profit 501(c)3, volunteer organization. It is Enota’s mission to conserve this sacred land for generations to come.

Call: 706-896-9966

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