As a work-exchange volunteer, you are eligible for food assistance from the state of Georgia.

Once you complete a successful application, you should qualify for a $189 per month food allowance.
Since you will be part Enota's work-exchange community, the first $100 of your monthly benefit will go towards community food and meals which everyone shares.

To qualify for benefits, we ask that you complete you complete the short easy application at

To begin click on the "apply for benefits" button and create a login ID and pass.

Here are some application items that are specific to your experience at Enota:

Basic Information Section:

- are you a seasonal farm worker? ==> NO
- where do you live? ==> 1000 Highway 180, Hiawassee GA 30546
- primary phone ==> your personal cell or land line
- alternate phone ==> 706-896-0047 (Enota Farm House)
- work phone ==> 706-896-9966 (Enota office)

People in Your Home Section

- Resident of GA? ==> YES

In-Kind Income Section

- Name of Employer ==>  Enota Farms
- Address of Employer ==> 1000 Highway 180, Hiawassee GA 30546
- Job Start Date ==> date of your acceptance into Enota's program
- Value of In-Kind Income ==> $200 per month

Rooms and Meals

- Paying for room and meals? ==> NO

Utility Bills Questions

- Primary heating source ==> wood

All of the rest of information for application would be your personal information.

Should you have questions on how to complete your application just give our office a call 706-896-9966.

See you soon and welcome to Enota!